Patricia Summers, Master of Arts/MFTC


After a great career in non-profit hospitals and volunteer work, Patricia decided to formally develop a gift people had been encouraging for years while listening to their hopes, trials, wants, disappointments and goals. In the midst and aftermath of COVID-19, she completed a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and is working toward full licensure as an MFT as well as Addictions Counselor. Patricia loves the work she does because it feels like such a privilege to walk with others as they discover their own intuitive way to conquer challenges, overcome issues, and find joy in life. She knows how hard yet rewarding it is from her own life’s journey! When not at work doing what she loves, she’s spending time with her large, blended and diverse family, cooking, hiking, dabbling in creative arts, gardening—and when time permits—traveling. She is looking forward to continuing to learn, recharging in solitude with self-care, and in the future, training with a therapy dog.