Nikki Rubbelke, MSW, LICSW


Nikki is an empathetic therapist, that enjoys supporting clients by exploring meaning in their lives.  She approaches her work with clients by encouraging them to trust their intuition, explore different ways of finding understanding, and nurture helpful relationships in their lives. She also brings in his quirky sense of humor to help her build authentic connections with his clients.

Nikki tailors her treatment methods to the unique needs of his clients, always keeping them at the center of the therapeutic work. Nikki creates a safe space in therapy for her clients. She believes that true healing of trauma happens when client feels truly safe and has a strong therapeutic relationship with their therapist. Nikki tends to view the world from a trauma informed perspective. She is passionate about helping people recognize how they are influenced by school/work/society/cultural influences and how they in turn influence those systems. One of her greatest joys in his work is facilitating people feeling empowered in their decisions, confident in themselves, and nurtured by their relationships.

When she is not at work, Nikki loves to focus on her creative outlets, indulges in painting, beading, “doing art”.