Nicholas Mazzoni, MSW


Nick is a compassionate therapist who believes that we are all searching for meaning in our lives. He approaches his work with clients through a values based approach. Through this approach clients are able to explore what is important to them, the symptoms that get in the way of what’s important, and to identify how they can move forward with what matters in their lives. He also brings in a sense of humor to help him build authentic connections with his clients.

Nick tailors his treatment methods to the unique needs of his clients, always keeping them at the center of the therapeutic work. While Nick is well-versed in a variety of treatment modalities, he tends to view the world from a cognitive behavioral and acceptance commitment models. He is passionate about helping people recognize unhelpful behavioral patterns and implementing realistic and effective solutions. One of his greatest joys in his work is helping people shift their relationships with their thoughts, feelings, and emotions to create a more fulfilling life.

When he is not at work, Nick loves to focus on mountain biking, disc golf, video games, and spending time with his wife and newborn son.