Mikayla Wimbush, MA, LAMFT


Mikayla is a bright clinician who strongly believes in the importance of fostering a strong therapeutic relationship with her clients. She achieves this by showing up authentically as herself and encouraging clients to do the same by leading with a warm, direct and relatable approach. Mikayla specializes in assisting clients with discovering and exploring their Attachment Style in efforts to unfold difficulties in building and fostering strong interpersonal relationships. She enjoys working with young adults who are struggling with emotional intelligence, anxiety, life transitions, and view of self. She also enjoys working with therapists who are seeking therapy.

By using a mixture of Symbolic-Experiential and Narrative Therapy, Mikayla creates an emotional experience in the room that allows clients to re-create their own stories and challenge their normal emotional habits. I

n her free time, Mikayla enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, listening to music, or binge watching her favorite reality tv series.