Michelle Swerin, MA, LPCC, ADHD-CCSP, Mindfulness Art Therapist

Child Focused Therapist

Michelle Swerin is a certified ADHD specialist, art therapist, hypnotherapist / meditation teacher, mindfulness therapist, trained community health worker. She has been practicing therapy for over a decade and has experience in many health settings. She is especially passionate about helping people learn how to cope with emotions in relations to health conditions and wellness, build self-care, understand and change self-talk, manage change, anxiety, binge eating disorder, and ADHD.

Michelle is a person-centered therapist (meaning she meets you where you are. She recognizes you are the expert of your life and you are not a label or a diagnosis) and her role is to connect with you to help you feel empowered to make change in your life that you want to make. She does this by utilizing integrative mind-body tools, brain-based psychoeducation, motivational interviewing, CBT, art therapy, narrative/exposure therapy, self hypnosis, and mindfulness skills practice. Furthermore she is neurodivergent and is a brain and body diversity advocate.

“People need encouragement like a plant needs water.” My role as your therapist is to hold the watering can and help you build the gardening skills to help your grow and thrive.”