Michelle Murphy

Billing Specialist

Michelle is detail oriented and very passionate about helping others. She started out as a clinical counselor working with DUI and Domestic Violence offenders while managing the office. She moved into working within a residential facility for people with severe and persistent mental health disorders. After witnessing how often finances and insurance contributed towards the derailment of people’s treatment, she progressed into the revenue cycle. She enjoys problem solving, figuring out the puzzle pieces and using her voice to help navigate through insurance obstacles.

She views mental health as a life long journey, just as physical health is. Always learning and striving to become the best version of herself. She approaches life by confronting issues and communicating, while remaining empathetic and open to different perspectives.

When not at work fighting against insurance companies, she is found with her 2 children and pitbull mix. They love being outdoors, listening to music, watching movies and camping. She loves dancing and embarrassing her kids by dancing in public, not caring who’s watching. Constantly on the move, her ability to adapt and over come didn’t become just her motto, but the family’s as well.