Michael Sasson, MA


Michael believes therapy can help people develop emotional bravery and self-compassion which leads people to experience more joy. Even if sometimes that requires grieving and facing fears, he believes the joy is worth it and knows that you – and those you love – are also worthy.

Michael enjoys supporting parents in the midst of, or looking back on, difficult parenting journeys. He has experience with foster care and adoption as well as in supporting multi-racial and/or blended families. He also helps romantic partners, where possible, to fall in love all over again — or separate cleanly when that is what needs to happen. This could include supporting lovers in exploring and/or navigating polyamorous or other non-traditional relationship structures.

When it is helpful to specific clients, he can support a client’s wrestling with their own religious and spiritual traditions both to find more access for support or to heal from harm that may have been caused in those communities.

He looks forward to meeting you and while he waits, he might be found walking the dog, cooking, or reading fantasy and science fiction novels.