Matt Reed, MA


Matt is a therapist who loves working with anyone willing to sit and have an honest conversation. He is not apt to give advice because he believes that he does not know more about his clients and their lives than they do.  What he IS willing to do is ask questions (a lot of them) to allow each person he sees to discover answers for themselves.  He also appreciates the use of resources as well.  As a resource himself, Matt appreciates being asked for ways to take therapy beyond the office space to find meaningful ways to connect learning and growing to a day-to-day format.

Matt’s most highly emphasized point during therapy is the impact of one’s own personal beliefs and how they affect our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. His hope is that during meetings, his clients feel comfortable and trusting enough to explore what that might mean for them. Matt is happy to work with any and everyone, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual or gender identity, faith perspective, etc. All he would ever ask of his clients would be to simply show up with an open mind and see how talking to another person might help.