Marilyn Galloway

National Director of Outreach

Marilyn is the energizer bunny of outreach and community engagement. Her energetic and infectious spirit is used to impact people to receive help for both themselves and their families. Marilyn has worked in the hospital setting and knows how severely unaddressed mental health issues can impact one’s life. She strives to destigmatize (stigma-later alligator!) and offer solutions for anyone seeking help.

Knowing how suicide has impacted her life personally, Marilyn does this work in hopes of honoring her maternal Grandmother who had lost hope and had no resources.

Outside of work Marilyn is a gym mouse (not rat, because that’s gross). She and her husband love to work out, garden, make nutritious meals (gut health, duh!), and generally live their lives like they are getting younger! They share 4 adult children and twin grandsons who are their reason for going to yoga!