Madison Martinez

Client Access Specialist

Madison is a passionate and empathetic person whose aim is to help individuals become the best version of themselves. Hoping to be an encouraging stepping stone, Madison strives to find the best therapist at Ellie who will have the tools specifically curated for you to create and maintain the life you’re deserving of. She understands how nerve-racking it may be to ask for help but believes that being vulnerable and transparent are vital aspects of finding growth in mental health.

Her previous professional experience includes supporting individuals in finding the best therapist for themselves and providing the correct social, emotional, and personal skills for children on the spectrum.

Madison is known to have a calming and positive spirit who is quick and willing to offer an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on. She understands that everyone has their own battles that they are facing, so she treats everyone with compassion, empathy, and love!

When Madison is not in the office, she enjoys painting, watching/ reading psychology-based articles/ shows, and being around her dog and loved ones. Her contagious personality allows her to shine in any role she’s placed in; especially in helping others!