Laura Peters, MCP, LPC/US


Laura is a chaotic neutral clinician who thrives in her practice when they are encouraged to utilize the creative side of their mind. She likes to take an out of the box approach and utilize a lot of play and art in her practice where appropriate. Though she is knowledgeable in several treatment modalities, she tends to take a client centered or solution focused approach. Most of their experience is in working with elementary and high school aged students and their families. Though Laura is far from a one trick pony and loves working with other demographics as well. In Oklahoma, Laura worked in a juvenile inpatient treatment facility, a partial hospitalization program, as a school based therapist, and as an outpatient therapist in a non-profit clinic. Since moving to Minnesota, Laura had been working in an ITFC program before joining the Ellie fam!

When they are not working, they enjoy spending time with their family, petting any dog she meets, traveling, going to concerts, and baking. One future career goal that Laura has is to become a Certified Therapeutic Game Master so they can combine their love of tabletop gaming and therapy most effectively.