Kimberly Novotny, MS

Child Focused Therapist

Kimberly is a Child-Focused Therapist here at Ellie. As a therapist, Kimberly values her ability to make connections, express empathy, and promote client growth. Kimberly works primarily from a client-centered approach, which means she puts the needs of her clients first when thinking of helpful interventions to bring into sessions. Kimberly enjoys being able to connect and get to know the people she works with as she feels this helps to bolster the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship.

Before joining Ellie, Kimberly gained clinical experience in non-profit mental health in the Moorhead/Fargo Area. She is thrilled to be in the St. Paul area where she hopes to provide a safe place for all clients as a unique Mental Health Professional.Outside of work, Kimberly enjoys spending time with her friends and family, learning American Sign Language, taking on way too many new art projects, playing video games, or dominating on the volleyball/pickleball court.