Kim Nathe

Community Based Mental Health Practitioner

Kim is a patient and compassionate Mental Health Practitioner with experience in person-centered care, trauma informed care, and dialectical behavioral therapy. Her past experience working in mental health has been supporting and providing direct care to teens in high-acuity mental health treatment centers.

She is most excited about helping clients learn to accept themselves, be compassionate with themselves, and learn to use coping skills for handling difficult emotions. She also loves incorporating art, and/or each client’s personal interests, into treatment to make it fun and feel more personal. Kim has an easygoing personality and values relaxed vibes, feeling comfortable, and finding and appreciating the good in every situation. It’s important to her that clients feel safe and cared for, and that they have fun and make good memories while healing and growing throughout treatment.

Outside of work, Kim runs a small business selling ceramics and paintings. Aside from creating art, her favorite self-care activities are watching movies, napping with her cats, and spending time with her partner.