Katie Score, LMFT


Katie is a positive, creative, and light-hearted therapist that believes every client can experience healing and personal growth. She is passionate about working with clients that are truly ready to explore what is holding them back, what is keeping then from being the person they want to be, or from living the life that they want to live.  She shows considerable compassion and kindness to her clients, acknowledging their experiences and hearing their personal stories.   

Katie deeply respects her role as a therapist and the responsibility she has to provide ethical and beneficial assistance to her clients as they work towards achieving their individual therapeutic goals. She is honest, caring, and will often use humor or sarcasm to help lighten the dark that exists in life. She takes a realistic and direct approach, which at times requires her to gently challenge clients to help encourage their personal awareness and growth. She is not afraid to “tell it how it is,” or to “give it to you straight,” because she deeply respects her clients, she sees their potential, and wants to empower and hold them accountable, so they too can discover just what amazing things they are capable of!