Kamber Peerboom, MBA, MSW, LICSW

Clinical Territory Director

Kamber’s ideal clients are adolescents and adults who are willing to embrace vulnerability to find growth and healing. She loves working with people who are ready to work hard, feel all the feels, process life’s challenges and celebrate life’s victories in an authentic and purposeful way.

Clients can expect to have their vulnerability met with validation, kindness, & compassion. Kamber maintains that it is crucial to establish a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship, which allows for honest communication about the hard stuff & the opportunity to find healing & purpose from it. Kamber is energetic, upbeat, relatable & loves to laugh. She believes in embracing all emotions, good, bad or otherwise, to allow for acceptance of our whole selves & to find authenticity.

Kamber works with individuals who are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, relationship issues, identity and more. She specialize in helping people navigate interpersonal challenges due to life transitions, whether that is related to school, work, relationships, or anything else.

Kamber is a CBT based therapist who incorporates elements of DBT and psychodynamic theories. She believe in looking internally and using vulnerability to find self-compassion, self-acceptance, and healing.