Julia Galloway

Event Assistant

Julia considers herself a good listener. She brings all her passion to her work in Audio Production. When she was young, playing hockey and listening to her “Beats” was her favorite thing to do. She will always be, “a rink rat” and loves watching the Wild play.  She loves listening to music! All genres, but likes Alternative, Country and Hip hop best. Her friend group would probably say she talks a lot and she feels everything very deeply.

Julia is the youngest in her family of 4 sibs. She can be found on the lake in the summer waterskiing or lounging in her hammock. She loves to spend time with her people, going on adventures and going long boarding.

Even though Jules is the baby of her family, she has always had a great sense of humor and common sense. She is methodical in her approach to tasks but will work until the job is done.

Fun fact, Julia’s mom also works at Ellie!