John Lyon, MSW, LICSW


John first and foremost sees himself as an employee of his clients. He says that he is a consultant who the client has hired to help them make their life look more the way they want their life to look. He will provide his clients what they need to help make that happen. This might be specific strategies for overcoming problems, it might be supportive listening and validation. His goal is for the client to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

John specializes in the following areas: Anger management, relationship issues, Anxiety management, Depression, Complex PTSD, Consensual Non-monogamy, Attachment theory. He is client centered, well versed in both clinician driven techniques like EMDR for PTSD, but also very good with both psycho-educational techniques for things like Anger management.  CBT is a core technique used to address problematic thinking and to help clients develop alternative coping strategies.

When John isn’t at work he is making things with metal, practicing sword fighting and mastering a whole host of skills last used hundreds of years ago.