John Lichtsinn, MD


John Lichtsinn, MD is a board certified psychiatrist and lifelong Minnesotan. He joins us following 11 years at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, where he served as the PTSD treatment team’s Medical Director and taught as an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Lichtsinn values a thoughtful and evidence-based approach, rooted in the values and goals of the client. Through years of first-hand care for people with PTSD, he has come to appreciate the necessity of maintaining humility, gaining trust, and providing collaborative space. He appreciates that PTSD is not a monolithic diagnosis, and that individuals’ symptoms and goals can differ widely.

Education has long been a passion for Dr. Lichtsinn. He finds that understanding PTSD from both biological and psychosocial perspectives is key to destigmatizing and demystifying the diagnosis, allowing healing to begin.

Dr. Lichtsinn is excited to join Intero because he believes psychedelic-assisted therapy has immense potential for so many people, especially those who have yet to find trauma healing.

In addition to PTSD, he also has broad experience treating a wide range of mental health conditions.

Outside work, Dr. Lichtsinn adores his family, trips to the lake, gardening, discovering music, and his doodle, Norman.