Joan Tamara, LMHC


Finding the right therapist and building a trusting relationship is so important to begin your healing process. As a mental health therapist, Joan prioritizes supporting your emotional needs, fostering a warm confidential, and non-judgmental environment in dealing with life stressor that is present in your life. You may be asking well- what does that look like? This can include adjustment to life changes and transitions, recent injury, grief & loss, or relationship issues. Together you will examine your presenting concerns and explore underlying factors that prohibit a healthy response to the stressor that are facing you head on. You will apply concrete skills to heal and move forward with healthy ways of dealing with life!! You will set valuable goals in your life and achieve these goal to create a stable foundation for your mental health needs. This will allow you to live a life full and balanced! Enjoy your journey- your destination is up to you! As a clinician, she am determined in providing support to all! This includes but not limited to diversity, racial, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and cultural backgrounds. Let’s work together on creating a beautiful journey towards your happiness and healing the priority in your life.