Jessica Hagen, LMFT


Jessica’s passion for serving others allows her to work well with individuals who desire to understand themselves better and how their experiences impact their thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Folks who want to find their voice and place in this world, as well as better navitage the struggles they face.

Jessica has an eclectic history of experience that assists her in meeting many people from many walks of life where they are at. She has a specialty in trauma and is EMDR trained. Jessica also specializes in working with others within the mental health field, perfectionism, self-esteem, and distorted thoughts that impact your view of yourself and the world around you.

Jessica pulls from various modalities to serve folks needing support and guidance in a space where we value and uphold honesty, humor, no judgment, and directness. Her philosophy can be summed up in a quote by David Richo “Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of us”.