Jesse Lamm, LPC


Jesse is mental health therapist who believes in meeting clients where they are and guiding them as they work toward their individual goals and needs. He is very open to processing anything that a client brings to their time together and exploring underlying issues related to past traumatic experiences and current daily struggles.

Jesse loves working with all kinds of clients and diagnoses, but feels that his greatest strengths come when working with clients struggling with anxiety and trauma related symptoms. Jesse is certified in both Trauma Focused CBT and DBT allowing him to address anxiety and trauma symptoms and assisting his clients in developing new and improved ways of coping as well as healing past experiences.

Jesse defines himself as a very laid back and go with the flow therapist that feels like therapy should be an enjoyable experience for all clients without it being a super intimidating process.

Outside of work, Jesse defines himself as an extrovert who loves to be on the go doing anything involving shopping, working out, being outside, camping, enjoying all types of food and spending time with those who are important to him.