Jeremy Morris

Community Based Mental Health Practitioner

Jeremy has a natural ability to encourage openness and confidence. He uses this ability judiciously, to listen to concerns and work collaboratively to address any underlying issues. Perhaps this natural empathy is why Jeremy chose to earn a Master of Social Work in mid-life. He enjoys working with the potential of tweens and young adults and is very comfortable with neurodiversity, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ communities.

Jeremy strives to help empower those who feel powerless or oppressed by systems, oppressed by their own life experiences and trauma. He uses all of the tools to help you identify their own strengths and abilities (superpowers?): connection, humor, music, words, nature, movement, art, and sometimes even podcasts.

Jeremy loves to be active with family (including the dog), friends, or solo. He enjoys reading dystopian fiction, listening to dozens of music genres, and the MCU. As an ADHDer he knows how to dabble in everything and find it engaging.