Jennifer Johnson, LMSW


Jen has worked in various roles of mental health, 12 years of clinical social work, while spending the majority of focus on youth challenges. Jen will be supporting the mental health of individuals, promoting self-actualization of client, exploring the discovery of passions/characteristics, and encouragement of strengths between parent/child relationships. Clients will collaboratively outline treatment plans with Jen, utilizing techniques to gain management of their own mental health. Primary skills utilized will be: talk therapy, educating on growth, problem-solution oriented therapy, and person-centered planning. Jen currently assists with Complex PTSD, Motherhood/stages of pregnancy challenges, parenting empowerment, gender-sexuality exploration, grief/loss challenges, life transition, relationship challenges, teen wellness, Bipolar I/II-Depression-Anxiety-personality disorders, and emotional regulation/stress management. Jen earned a Master’s of Social Work through Wayne State.