Jenifer Berndt, BA

Community Based Mental Health PRactitioner

Jen is a mental health practitioner with Community Based Services. She is known for her genuine, authentic approach to working with clients and her ability to establish a strong rapport with them.
One of Jen’s notable qualities is her sense of humor, which she often uses to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The folks she works with appreciate her ability to make them feel at ease and her willingness to approach difficult topics with empathy and understanding. Throughout her career Jen has worked with people from many different backgrounds, and she has a proven track record of helping them acquire skills and strategies for living their best life as they define it. Jen trained with the Hearing Voices Network as a facilitator, follows the Madness Radio podcast and checks in on articles posted in Mad in America.
In the not work world, Jen is just as strange and ordinary as at any other time. She likes to do different kinds of art, get together with chosen and biological family often, pet cats, have alone time, collect oddities and curiosities, watch horror movies & listen to loud music.