Jeff Morrison, MA


I believe that a good therapeutic relationship starts with a fundamental human connection between therapist and client. I will work with you to help identify your initial therapeutic needs. We will work together in a collaborative manner to effectively move toward self-actualization and live a more whole-hearted life. Sometimes identifying the things that give you a sense of connection with others and a sense of purpose is the first step toward a more fulfilling overall life experience. I will work with you to identify what those things are and how to make them a more consistent and integral part of your daily life.

Anxiety and depression present in many different ways. While they can be uncomfortable feelings, we have these things for a reason. Rather than trying to avoid them, I feel it is healthier to recognize them when they appear, understand what they are trying to tell us, and what to do with that information.

Life experience can be the best teacher of all. We all have our own narratives about our past, present, and very often the future. I will help you to understand your own personal narrative, how it works or perhaps does not work for you. My varied experience has allowed me to effectively work with clients in all phases of life, providing support and guidance wherever they are in their lives.