Isaac Wicker, MS


Isaac’s goal for each of his client is that they live a full, awesome, beautiful life. One of the first things you will do with him is create a vision of the life you want to live and the person you want to be. Everything after that works towards that vision. Isaac is all about getting right down to work today to build a better life and then address any concerns or wounds that are getting in the way. Being fully alive is possible for you! 

The three pillars of Isaac’s approach are Self-collaboration, Values, and Rest. Self-collaboration means approaching yourself from a stance of honoring who you are. Isaac always says “learn how you work, and then work with yourself”. Isaac also love values and sees them as the root of all human behavior and emotion. For example, any time you feel angry, scare, or anxious that is your threat system trying to protect something you value from a perceived attack. Think about it! Finally, Isaac emphasizes the importance of rejuvenating rest (not vegging out!). Exhaustion magnifies all mental health problems whereas rejuvenating rest is awesome in the moment and supports long term goals. Let’s do this!