Heather Kerfeld, MA


Heather Kerfeld – MA, is an intuitive, compassionate, humorous, creative, and nonjudgmental psychotherapist who believes that we are all connected and share similar struggles, but we see the world through our unique perspectives. She feels honored to hold space and hear stories from all walks of life. Heather brings decades of personal and professional practice in social services, holistic psychology, wellness coaching, energy healing, movement and eclectic spirituality. Heather enjoys working with older children/adolescents (9+), youth transitioning into adulthood, adults, complex families, and those facing the end of life.

She encourages self-love, authenticity, vulnerability, accountability, empowerment, trusting our intuition, personal exploration, and the courage to be imperfect. Your weirdness is your superpower! Heather helps clients discover their gifts and problem-solve challenges in positive, pro-social ways. Heather is experienced with trauma, depression, anxiety, SPMI, ADHD, neurodiversity, substance use, grief/loss, attachment issues, relationship difficulties, parenting, at-risk youth, LGBTQ+, alternative lifestyles, chronic pain/illness, cancer/terminal illness, etc.

Live Music and Traveling are her other passions, so when she’s not busy saving the world one person at a time, you can find this fun-loving, adventurous hippie dancing with friends at a music festival or wandering through the mountains.