Heather Feikema, MSW


Heather is a warm and compassionate therapist, with an integrative and holistic approach. Her belief in each human’s inherent value is evident in how she engages with openness, kindness and integrity. Heather believes in the power of human connection, and views therapy as a partnership where you work together to get to the root of what’s making life challenging, so that you can achieve the freedom and peace you’re longing for. She approaches each client with a desire to truly understand who they are, how they got to this moment, and where they want to go next. Heather is straightforward and curious, and will encourage the same from you. Her dream is that you learn to accept that while the world is messy and complicated, you have exactly what it takes to engage fully in your own life, trusting that you have everything necessary to build the relationships and joy-filled days you dream of.

Heather is happiest when with her family, friends, and pets. She loves a good book or a walk by any body of water, and can often be found in a local park with her husband and their dog, enjoying the beauty of Minnesota.