Heather Dyer

Client Access Specialist

Heather is aspiring to become a Therapist who specializes in Somatic Experiencing and modalities alike. Her passion for witnessing/participating in heavy/deep layers melting off of people, allowing them to be aligned with their true self, experiencing and expressing their unique human experience freely, is what drives her ambition. She is passionate about healthy communication and connection.

Heather has been a Massage Therapist and Energy Practitioner since 2012 which has led her into the entrepreneurial world where she finds her passion and hobby has led her into pursuing a deeper, more meaningful all-the-time job.

She views being a Client Access Specialist with Ellie as a wonderful opportunity to contribute to her life’s work as a person of service, and it’s given her an opportunity to surround herself with like minded people, who’s passion inspire her everyday. She will begin her University studies soon to become a Licensed Therapist herself.

Outside of work, you can find her doing all things ‘Mom’, as she is raising 4 kiddos and has 2 cats. She enjoys nature and physical activity immensely and even considers is a necessity for to feel peace in her body so she can show up for others consistently.