Hailey Mercer, LMSW


I am a Nashville, TN native–born and raised. I attended University of TN at Chattanooga for both my Bachelors and Masters degrees. I have a Bachelors in Psychology, graduating in 2016, and went on to get my Masters in Social Work, graduating in 2018. I have worked in various schools and clinical settings, having a passion to work with adolescents and their families, and young adults. My “bread and butter” specialties I like to work with have included depression, anxiety, suicidality, life stressors, family conflict, grief, and some trauma work. I want those that I work with to feel that their feelings are valid, heard, respected, and what they have been through matters- yet does not define them. I want to be able to create a safe space for my clients to feel open to discuss and dive into whatever they need, meeting them wherever they need to be met. I want to help clients learn perseverance pays off to form new healthy habits and means of coping, while also trying to unlearn some of the hard, not fun habits, our minds/bodies tend to go to. When I’m not working, I love spending time outdoors, with my pups, and with family being a sister to 3 and an aunt to many, many kiddos!