Grace Goins, MSW, LICSW


Grace is a therapist who values authenticity and candor in her work with clients. Her ideal client welcomes the opportunity to be vulnerable and gain awareness, and is willing to work through challenges and hesitations in a safe and inclusive space. Appreciation for “real talk” and humor is a plus!

Grace values each of her client’s experiences and independent lives. She doesn’t shy away from honest conversations, but will support you without judgment or shame. Grace is passionate about clients feeling empowered, setting healthy boundaries, gaining insight into their emotions and behaviors, and communicating their needs effectively.   

Grace uses a client-centered framework. She often incorporates cognitive therapy and mindfulness, while also recognizing environmental and systemic factors that may impact your mental health and overall wellbeing.

Grace enjoys working with individuals from late adolescence through adulthood. Her specialties include life transitions, culture and identity, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, medical diagnoses, relationship boundaries, and family conflict.