Ethan Wise, MA


As a counselor, Ethan helps clients gain insight, let go of obstacles, improve authentic connections, integrate life events, and learn new skills. Clients can expect to find inner peace, improve resiliency, improve quality of life, reach desired goals, connect with their soul, with their past, and with loved ones.

Clients are able to process loss and integrate topics of death awareness, meaning, and spirituality. Clients are also able to use the mind-body connection to improve health, performance, and lower pain.

Ethan tailors his treatment methods to the unique needs of his clients, always keeping them at the center of the therapeutic work. While Ethan is well-versed in a variety of treatment modalities, he tends to work with the subconscious mind and with the body. He integrates CBT, MI, and ACT along with somatic awareness, hypnosis, imagery, breathwork, dreams, energy psychology, spirituality, gratitude, prayer, along with awareness and mindfulness-based approaches as needed.

When he is not at work, Ethan enjoys spending time outdoors, learning about ancient spirituality and philosophy including Advaita, Buddhist, Stoic, Hermetic, Christian, Judaic, and others. He also studies hypnosis, energy awareness, mindfulness meditation, near death experiences, and leads group workshops focused on consciousness advancement.