Emily Weidenbacher, BA, MA

School Based Embedded Services Manager

Emily is a humorous, yet passionate therapist who strives to create a space for her clients to better understand themselves so them can finally fricking thrive. Whether its processing current issues, learning new coping skills, or doing deep work of healing past wounds, she will meet you where you’re at. Emily will challenge you, and teach you practical tools you can use to get unstuck and get.thriving. Emily uses humor and creativity in her practice because she knows getting through hard sh&% won’t work without a joke/meme or four. She brings a sense of quirkyness in the therapy rooms to build authentic connections with her clients of all ages. 

Emily graduated with her Master’s in counseling and is working towards being independently licensed with her (LPCC). Emily has previous experience working in local day treatments, school settings across metro districts, and college campuses. Emily has been in the mental health field since 2012, and she specializes in seeing children and teens, and also has a niche for working with maternal mental health. Emily’s therapeutic approach is from a strength-based, culturally attentive lenses that is experiential and collaborative with clients.