Ella Ramos, BA

Community Based Mental Health Practitioner

Ella is a personable Mental Health Practitioner who uses a non-judgmental, holistic approach to connect with clients.  Ella strives to create a safe environment for people to process the pieces of their world that need extra care. Ella’s extensive experience with the foster care system has shaped her worldview. She focuses on counseling from a place of empathy, and creating a protective barrier of support around growing children and families.

Ella is passionate about maternal mental health, developing self identity, and serving parents who are seeking to strengthen their parental skills and relationships with their children. Ella is devoted to utilizing cultural enrichment,  developing racial identity, and healing places of trauma within the BIPOC community.

Outside of work, Ella likes to travel, try new recipes (mainly various tacos), catch up on her tv shows and enjoy time with her family.