Elizabeth Larson, MS


Elizabeth is a therapist who provides, empathy and compassion to all people age, race, gender and culture. Elizabeth is known for her sense of humor and likes to incorporate this within the therapy she provides to clients, to help with anxieties, fears and tension. Elizabeth is passionate about working with all ages and has worked many years with elementary, adults, adolescents and early childhood. Elizabeth uses a strong focus on building rapport & relationship and connection. Elizabeth understands the courage it takes to reach out for help and prioritizes building, creating and providing an open comfortable space for persons and clients. Elizabeth has previously worked within trauma-based therapy, Crisis work, Substance Abuse, Higher levels of care and Outpatient therapy. Elizabeth approaches all clients with an individual holistic approach and specializes in work with Anxiety, CBT, Solution focused and Trauma focused therapy. Elizabeth is known for her sense of humor, compassion and authenticity at Ellie.

Outside of Ellie you will find Elizabeth at a comedy show, a bonfire, fishing, camping, playing games competitively, hosting fun events with friends and family, or anything involved with nature. Elizabeth also loves music, singing and loves to make people smile and laugh.