Dr. Michelle Blake, PhD, LCSW


Dr. Michelle Blake was born in Memphis, TN. She always loved drawing, writing, and reading and had the “long-term” goal of finishing the Little House book series. She held a career of just over 25 years in higher education, combined with practicing therapy on a part-time basis. Her career has included instruction, supervision of field internships, and advising/mentoring students, probably the aspect of her academic career she loved most. The current chapter of her life is an opportunity to engage in therapy, possibly serve as a mentor to beginning therapists through clinical supervision, and appreciate the ever-expanding knowledge base of the mental health professions. On a more personal level, it is a time for continuing a 35+ year journey with a life partner, loving dogs, appreciating books and music, exploring connections between personal wholeness and spirituality, and perhaps tackling the bucket list item of writing a novel. Dr. Blake specializes in grief and loss, women’s issues, and concerns related to aging and life transitions. She uses a client centered and psychodynamic approach to her therapy.