Dr. Beth Seebach, Ph.D., LP


Dr. Beth has many years of experience as a psychologist (in the office and online) and as a professor of psychology. Her training and experience cover all ages – birth through nineties – with particular expertise in eating disorders and body image, depression, anxiety, gender-related work, ADHD, identity development, trauma, disorders emerging in childhood, parenting, neuropsychology, and thriving with chronic illness.

Dr. Beth works with each individual to set achievable goals in a safe, supportive framework. She works in a collaborative relationship with each client, empowering individuals and tailoring treatment (based in ACT, CBT, person-centered therapy) to include cultural background, personal history, and strengths.

When not working as a therapist or a college professor, Beth loves exploring the arts – playing french horn, singing, painting, and drawing; gardening; and exploring nature with her dogs and close friends and family.