Dannie Esterline, MS

Embedded School Based Therapist

Dannie is a queer, non-binary, and neurodivergent art therapist and clinical mental health counselor who practices from a queer and neurodivergent affirming lens. They are passionate about working with neurodivergent, LGBTQ+, and trauma-impacted youth in a variety of environments.
Dannie specializes in utilizing CBT and DBT techniques with a child-centered approach. Dannie’s experience in behavior intervention is extensive, and they are passionate about finding the “why” behind behaviors, and providing children with a safe outlet for their sensory and kinesthetic needs.
Dannie recognizes that children and adolescents often struggle to verbalize their feelings which can cause problems with school, relationships, and behavior. They aim to facilitate an environment to explore and understand feelings through art and play. They provide children with choices and agency over art-making and goals while integrating specific art-based interventions to help them meet goals through child-led art-making. they utilize art therapy techniques to help children learn to tolerate change, soothe over-stimulation, seek sensory stimuli, and explore. You’ll often find them playing in the dirt, laughing, and encouraging “getting the wiggles out”.