Dane Jorento, MSW, LICSW


Dane enjoys mental health challenges, and believes everyone has the ability to gain new and effective skills to improve the quality of their life and relationships. His therapeutic focus is first and foremost grounded in client empowerment and therapeutic transparency that supports safe, collaborative efforts of empowering discoveries.

His innovative BCA Holistic therapy approach explores a client’s behaviors, thoughts and feelings from a whole person perspective within the context of brain development, experiences, abilities, relationships and developmental stage. BCA Holistic therapy is the first approach that defines emotions as only power, without any insight, guidance, direction or intelligence. This subtle shift dramatically changes his therapeutic approach, as all emotions are respected, validated and accepted as normal and natural, while the learned thoughts and behaviors expressed are explored and addressed regarding dysfunction, discomfort, strengths and difficulties. Dane incorporates talk, movement, drawing, breathing and other ways to address depression, anxiety, fears, anger, ADHD, low self-esteem, self identity, sexuality, trauma, PTSD and relationships. Dane also has extensive experience and training with DBT and EMDR.

Dane’s life beyond work, powered by his ADHD energy, embraces family and friends, writing, drawing, thinking, biking, gardening, sci-fi, badminton and sometimes doing absolutely nothing. Dane enjoys challenges.