Dan Aleckson, MA, LPCC


Dan is a kind, compassionate therapist who believes that each person deserves the dignity of being fully heard. He is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a background in person-centered, or Rogerian, therapy. Dan allows clients to lead with their story, and then assist, when needed, to get the client to a place of healing.

Dan understands the complexity of mental illness and how to help clients with the sometimes stigmatizing social effects of these disorders. Past clients Dan has worked with include those in drug and alcohol use recovery, those wading through depression or other difficult mental health conditions, those wrestling with past trauma, those in a place of suicide contemplation, and those working to discover more about their own gender identity or sexual orientation.

Dan lives with his spouse and elementary-school-aged daughter in Minneapolis. As a family they love to visit the many parks in the city, and often frequent restaurants and children’s museums. Dan loves dramatic shows on streaming, as well as home repair shows on HGTV. Dan grew up on a steady diet of Sesame Street and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, so many of those lessons have seeped into his therapeutic orientation.