Claire Garber, DO

Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. Garber is a child and adolescent psychiatrist that enjoys the vast diversity that comes with her clinical practice. Areas of interest include the spectrum of neurodevelopmental disorders/Autism, mood and depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and ADHD.  Dr. Garber enjoys working with children over time as they transition into adolescence and early adulthood.

One of the reasons Dr. Garber chooses to do outpatient child and adolescent psychiatry work is that she wants to have the opportunity to work with patients and their families over time. Her goals are to get to know her patients, their strengths and their struggles, and work together on treatment decisions. During her visits, she will focus on understanding the patient’s personal experience of their illness, providing them with psycho-education on what they can expect with their specific diagnosis, and helping them weigh the risks and benefits of treatment options to consider. Dr. Garber believes having consistent psychiatric support over time is what helps patients achieve their functional and wellness goals despite sometimes chronic or intermittent mental health symptoms.  Dr. Garber strives to provide that consistency and reliability for patients.