Clair Anderson, LMFT


Clair enjoys working with any individual, couple, or family who is ready to dive into the gift of their own healing journey. Clair’s ideal client is anyone from ages 3 to 60. Clair welcomes any client who identifies as part of the LGBTQIA+ community and is excited to work with individual adults, couples and families of all ages and stages!

Values that sustain Clair’s life and work are connection, collaboration and inclusivity. Collaboration looks like using creativity to craft the best plan to meet your goals; together we can find the best way forward. Connection sounds like understanding, curiosity, laughter, and “aha” moments as we build our therapeutic relationship and embrace growth and change. Inclusion feels like unconditional positive regard for your true self, empathy, accountability, and openness while we explore barriers and empower you to make the needed shifts in your life for greater well-being. This work is hard and you are worth it; my job is to help light the paths that feel dark.

Clair’s therapeutic techniques can be described as person-centered, strengths-based, relational, and experiential. Clair’s particular areas of interest include: ADHD/ADD, anxiety, trauma, parenting issues/child development, identity, gender and self-esteem struggles, relational and behavioral difficulties.