Christopher Heindel, LMFT

Clinic Director

When healthy families and relationships are faced with problems, they come together and find solutions. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Kris will act as a compassionate facilitator and tailor treatment to your needs. Solutions to problems within your relationship and family can be discovered during your first session! Therapy doesn’t need to drag on for years. For lasting solutions, trust yourself and take the first step. Kris is an experienced therapist in improving healthy family lifestyles, increasing marital satisfaction, improving healthy sexuality, pornography cessation, and helping children with sexual behavior issues. When Kris isn’t working, you’ll find him grilling his “secret recipe” brisket on his smoker, sitting around a campfire up in our beautiful Idaho mountains with his family and grandchildren, and harvesting and sharing his home-grown blackberries and raspberries.