Christina Schreiner

Client Access Team Manager

In today’s world with all of the social media platforms, we can easily be influenced by the amount of “likes” someone receives on a photo of themselves. Christina wants people to know that generating a certain amount of likes, or lack there of, does not make you any better or worse of a person. Christina wants people to realize and understand their self worth. That when you are having that feeling of fear, doubt, and uncertainty, it is not diminishing to experience those things and it should not be “taboo” to speak about.

Christina is so excited to work at Ellie because she considers herself to be an overly empathetic person. She is very passionate about raising mental health awareness and she takes pride in being a very good listener to all of her friends and family and strangers alike. Being a part of the Ellie team has helped Christina reach many personal and professional goals, and she is so excited to see where her role will take her within Ellie next!