Charlie Ball, LMHC


Charlie’s work in mental health began with a volunteer position at a suicide crisis line during her undergrad years at Gonzaga University. In order to better support those struggling with their mental health, she completed a BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology before going on to receive her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Denver with a focus on trauma recovery and human sexuality. Charlie did her graduate internship at a trauma recovery center and spent two years working in community mental health before joining the Ellie team.

Charlie is particularly passionate about working with survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. She is also pursuing her AASECT certification to become a certified sex therapist and loves working with people around issues of sexuality and gender.

Charlie’s approach to therapy is eclectic and includes mindfulness, feminist, cognitive behavioral, existential, and humanistic modalities. Charlie tends to look at individuals as existing within a larger context and considers the biological, psychological, and social factors that may impact clients’ lives, rather than viewing people as existing within a bubble. Her goal as a therapist is to support, guide, and encourage clients toward stronger relationships with others and a better understanding of themselves. She believes that successful therapy is dependent on a strong therapeutic relationship and strives to create an environment where clients can feel safe to be their most authentic selves.

Outside of her work as a therapist, Charlie is passionate about human rights advocacy and loves spending time with friends, family, or her partner and two dogs. She enjoys hiking, bouldering, skiing, yoga, and running, but would just as happily spend the day sipping coffee and reading a good book.