Charley Pflanze


Charley believes that humanity continues to search for meaning through living in various ways that are useful and unique for the life process of each persons style of living. Simple encouragement, compassion, and having the courage to be imperfect are principles of living that can assist persons in trusting, managing difficulties, nurturing ourselves and others, and in creating healthy relationships that maximizes our happiness and ability to enjoy life. It is in our relationships that we can we have our greatest joys and our greatest sorrows.

Charley is a person centered therapist who individualizes his approach to the distinctive needs of his clients. Charley is grounded in theory and utilizes a variety of treatment methods viewing the world from a multi-systems perspective, recognizing that social interest helps us stay interconnected with each other and the various cultures with which we are embedded; his work is helping others feel self empowered in their choices and to enhance their ability to engage in relationships via personal growth.