Chantrell Carter, LPC


Chantrell Carter is a licensed professional counselor who received her MA from Webster University in 2015. Chantrell’s personal experiences and work within school-based and community settings inform her work. Chantrell is also dedicated to destigmatizing and increasing mental/emotional wellness awareness through a biblical perspective within Christian communities. Chantrell believes in the transformative power of relationships and instills hope through a holistic lens to counseling. It is her desire that when individuals leave her presence, they feel seen, heard, and valued. Counseling is not solely an occupation for her but her God-given calling.

Chantrell Carter believes change happens when we press into, embrace, and confront our deepest vulnerabilities. While a daunting task, she aides individuals through their healing journey with care, compassion, and the love of God. Chosen to heal and restore the broken places within, Chantrell Carter is also the Founder & CEO of The Pressing Place LLC. Once emotionally hardened and fearful of vulnerability, Chantrell seeks to help others feel again.