Carlos Lopez, MS


Carlos is a person-centered therapist working to invite collaboration from his clients while utilizing an eclectic approach with a multicultural and biosocial orientation. Carlos is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals and in developing lifelong strategies that will support their journey towards a life worth living. Before Ellie Mental health Carlos was a therapist with DBT-PTSD specialist clinic this is where he was trained in DBT, trauma informed care, and safety management. Carlos has experience working with both adults and adolescents and is well informed on how the therapeutic process may be different between them.
Whenever Carlos is not in the office, he is spending his time with his family and fur baby. Whenever he is not spending time with his family, he is nerding out. Carlos loves video games with the preference for role playing games. Carlos is well versed in the lore of many franchises and invites the conversation of how art may be the reflection of our humanity and current struggles. Carlos enjoys reading, watching anime, building MTG decks and nerding out in general.