Brittany Miskowiec, PhD, MSW, LICSW

Protector Overwatch Program Director

Brittany was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and brings a bit of her southern twang and sass to the work she does. She’s worked with law enforcement, first responders, and veterans for almost 15 years and now exclusively works with this population. Brittany moved to Minnesota in 2013 and worked as the Director of Psychological Health at the Minnesota Army National Guard until 2016. Since then, she’s continued to focus on training, education, therapy, and program development for these populations. As the Program Director, Brittany really believes in the importance of the program’s mental health providers being familiar with the type of work that law enforcement, first responders, and veterans do. She understands the importance of therapy to understand your day to day duties and culture and by gaining understanding. It’s important to her that therapists try to immerse themselves into these cultures so they can better help you. Brittany takes a no bullsh!t approach to therapy and it’s really important to her that people feel comfortable in a therapy setting. She tries to infuse humor into her work with clients.