Breanna Freeborn, MA, LPCC


Breanna is a holistic, integrative therapist who specializes in working with individuals who have experienced trauma, anxiety, and mood disorders. Her primary clinical orientations are psychodynamic (how our past impacts us now), attachment theory (our need for connection and bonds), and existential (concerns about meaning and being human). She often uses “internal family systems”, and body-based approaches.

Breanna frequently works with people who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, self-identified creative types or part of “counter-culture.” She also works with self-identified rule-followers, perfectionistic, and feel stuck or rigid in the way they are living. Beyond working with adults, Breanna is trained in play therapy, and loves working with children and caregivers through creative means with a compassionate stance. 

Outside of Ellie, Breanna also provides psychedelic-assisted therapy for adults in a clinical setting and is passionate about this work. 

Breanna strikes a balance between using holistic approaches while incorporating neuroscience and psychoeducation to empower clients. She believes there is no “one-size-fits-all” and is highly collaborative with clients. She respects each person’s inner wisdom and capacity to heal from within. 

Personally, Breanna loves being a mom and connecting with loved ones. She enjoys nature, music, and art, and thinks humans are fascinating!